How to clean your glasses

Tips to Keeping Your Lenses Clean:

  • Do not use alcohol or ammonia based products on your lenses, as these can damage the special coatings on your lens.
  • When cleaning your lenses use an anti-glare safe lens cleaner that is not alcohol based.
  • Paper towels, Kleenex, and your shirt should be avoided as the fibers can be abrasive which may scratch your lenses.
  • Use a clean micro fiber cloth to clean your lenses, as a dirty microfiber cloth can end up just spreading around the oils and dirt (your lenses will look foggy).
  • To clean your microfiber cloth you can hand wash it with some gentle soap or throw it in with your next load of laundry.
  • You should wash your lenses once a week by applying a small drop of mild dish soap to each lens while rinsing under warm water.
  • For daily cleaning, apply a small amount of lens cleaner on each side of both lenses, then use your clean microfiber cloth to wick away any dirt and oils.
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